🆕    Nuovo arrivi - Pasta con 100% grani Italiani|🚚  Spedizione gratuita a partire da 40 €|⏱  I prodotti senza incisione vengono spediti entro il giorno successivo

🆕    Pasta con 100% grani Italiani|🚚 Spedizione gratuita a partire da 40 €

"No goal is big unless it seems impossible at first," visionary Richard Brandson once said. At first, our goal of collecting one million crowns for basic foodstuffs for Cambodian farmers, who found themselves on the brink of famine due to coronavirus, also seemed impossible. Thanks to you, you have managed to achieve a seemingly unattainable goal, and thus with the help of hundreds of Cambodian families.

Coronavirus brings a number of difficulties, especially to small businesses who cannot do business because of it. However, these sufferings are experienced not only by people in our country, but also in completely remote corners of the world. The current problems are caused by the farmers in Cambodia, from whom we take Kampot pepper of the highest quality. Unlike domestic entrepreneurs, however, these people will not receive any safety nets or compensation from the local government.

People who were already on the brink of poverty before the problems caused by coronavirus suddenly found themselves in a situation where they could not even buy basic foodstuffs and famine was spreading throughout the country. We didn't just want to watch this idly by and decided to organize a crowdfunding campaign on the Hithit portal. Its goal was to collect a million crowns from our customers, who could choose from a number of interesting rewards for their contribution.

We presented our campaign in a number of media outlets, including the largest domestic television stations, and we gradually watched as things moved.

The greatest interest was in limited editions of our farm pepper, sets with ash pepper mills or editions containing special gin quickly sold out. Several rare contributors can also look forward to a unique four-course menu in the Case de Carli, during which they will taste why Kampot Pepper is a sought-after spice among Michelin chefs.

Several brave candidates will fly directly with us to distant Cambodia, which we will mediate in the most authentic way. However, the biggest thanks go to more than a hundred of those who contributed to the entire campaign without demanding any reward for it at all.

For the selected amount, we will now buy a sufficient amount of food for those families where it is currently most needed. As a result, they will be able to survive this difficult period in relative peace, and continue to grow the best pepper in the world. Your help has helped maintain a centuries-old growing tradition that you can spice up your life with .pepper..field. Thank you all very much for that.

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Prodotto di alta qualità, belli i macinini ed eccezionale il pepe . Bel sito web . Ottimo acquisto .


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Qualità unica, profumo eccezionale, bustine richiudibili per conservare al meglio questi meravigliosi prodotti. Tutti gli articoli curati con la massima attenzione e cura. Gli articoli regali sono semplicemente perfetti


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Prodotti eccezionali, spedizione ultra veloce super soddisfatta

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